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Service Features: How We Protect You

There are a lot of companies out there that say they can catch or monitor click fraud. You need to determine who to trust, and who has the features and services you need to best provide you with accurate data on your clicks. And of course, this all has to come at the right price. ClickProtector includes the following features and more:

Audit and analyze traffic from your PPC (or CPM) ads to your landing pages

ClickProtector tracks numerous pieces of information about people who click on your advertisments, whether they are PPC-based (Google AdWords, Yahoo MS, etc.) or CPM (ad banners). We apply a proprietary algorithm to your data in real-time, scrutinizing each click for patterns of abuse. If we suspect an instance of Click Fraud, we will alert you via email, make note of the fraudulent click in your Report Center, and display the ClickShield™ (see below).

Monitor unlimited keywords and domains

Unlike some of our competitors, ClickProtector does not charge you for anything other than the number of clicks we monitor. We allow you to audit and protect as many domains and keywords as you would like, all for the same low monthly fee. Note that users of our free service are still eligible for unlimited keywords, but can only monitor a single domain.

Configurable ClickShield™ deters future abuse

An unblockable, customizable popup window that appears on the screen of fraudulent clickers to warn them that you are onto their activity. You can choose beween three different ClickShield™ formats, you control of the text, size, colors, etc. If you'd rather not implement the ClickShield™, you can disable it in a heartbeat.

Sample ClickShield

See all three format options.

Detailed Click Reports

Besides the Click Fraud reports, you also have access to data-rich information on all traffic to your landing pages.

Sample Report

View a larger image with column descriptions.

Affordable/Free Service

If you only want to monitor a small number of clicks, you can use ClickProtector for free! In return, all we ask is that you link to our site. More details on this policy are available during the signup process.

If you have a more active advertising campaign, ClickProtector pricing is tier-based and starts at only $9.95/month. Similar to how your cell phone works, we have a number of service levels, each of which will provide you with a certain number of clicks we will monitor. If you surpass this number, you will be charged a small overage fee per click.

Official PDF Fraud Report

When Click Fraud occurs, the people you seek compensation from are going to want proof, and most likely, third-party proof. ClickProtector provides you with an authoritative, precise report on all fraudulent activity on your landing pages. The report is available only as a read-only Adobe Acrobat PDF file, making it clear to all parties involved that the report was not edited or altered in any way.
View a sample Click Fraud Report.

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